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Custom Framing

Welcome to Blank Canvas CLE custom picture framing website. We specialize in picture framing, design consultation and artistic expression with each and every customer.  We want to invite you to visit the gallery and experience modern framing where we can show you several options for style and price, and archival approaches to your art and collectibles.


Blank Canvas CLE custom picture framing offers more than 2000 different frame and mat board choices, all at very affordable rates. You won’t find coupon sales here, we work hard to keep the price fair every day.  Our goal is to offer our customers great custom framing at affordable prices so you can come in more often, and experience the full artistic experience.


Ask us anything you want to know about framing your valuable art pieces or prized memorabilia. We can help you solve your toughest framing problems.  We have worked with everything from football jerseys, swords and miniature cars to embroidered silks, compact discs and multimedia collages, and unusual is normal to us.  We custom frame mirrors, shadow boxes, stitchery, historic documents, photos, objects...


                                           Come in today and let’s see what master pieces that we will create together!

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